Reviewing the Goals

Well–if you all remember I listed some weight loss goals not too long ago.  Goal #1 was to lose ten pounds by March 27th, marking six “after baby” years .  Well–I didn’t quite make it there, but I’m not destroyed over it.  I have been more consistent in my workouts and more disciplined in my diet than I have been in a long time.  I’m proud of that and I did have a 3% body fat loss which I’ll take.  Pounds lost are well–negligible.  Not many, it’s anywhere between 1-4 depending on what day of the week I weigh, and let me tell you now, I am changing to Friday–no more Monday morning weigh-ins since I guess the weekends sort of throw me for a loop.  I’ve lost an inch in both thighs and a half inch on my hips, gained one in each bicep–that’s kinda scary, huh?  Don’t mess with me!  I’m definitely stronger and have more endurance.  Baby steps is what Chalene always says in the workouts and I’ll just have to celebrate the small victories for now.  I really think the next month’s workouts will bring about a big difference so –30 more days to go and I’ll check back in.


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