Where did the month go?

One celebration down, one more to go.  We braved the land of stuff and fluff and had a Build-a -Bear Birthday party to celebrate Sugar Cookie’s 6th birthday.  Fun was had by all–stuffed bears and bunnies dressed and accessorized–what more could a kid ask for?  Well–she could think of a thing or two I’m sure.  Since her “official” birthday isn’t until this Friday–she knows there’s more to come and won’t let you forget it.  Big thanks to Grandma for the crisp $50 bill in the mail.  Her plans–of course–are to return to Build-a-Bear to make a matching bear–so they can go on “dates” she says.  They’ll make a fortune from us by the time it’s all said and done.  This Friday it’ll just be family–if I can remember to call everyone.

The big kids had a chance to show off their talents at church a few weeks ago.  They both sang solos and Little Blue had a duet as well. They’ll be going to TalentQuest next month to compete as juniors–it’s a fun way to show them that it’s never too early to use your talents for the Lord.  I’m really thankful that there is so much in our church to keep them active–Though I did opt out of the Easter cantata–I like the idea of having that weekend to ourselves.  Easter is my very favorite holiday so I’d like to do the whole egg hunt, ham, bunny stuff without having to worry about performances at church.  I do love Easter though, the idea of the resurrection and victory of our Lord is just plain exciting to me.


On that note–one of the teens did a drama called “Letter from Hell” at the teen talent showcase.  This girl is really talented and drove the message home so effectively I’ve got to share it.  The story is basically about a girl who died and was sent to hell.  She’s  writing a letter from hell  to her friend that was a Christian– asking why she never told her about Jesus.  Her descriptions of the heat and the smell of hell were so real–I know not everyone believes the same as I do and I respect that–but I am deeply saddened to think anyone I love could end up there–anyone at all actually.  Hell is real people–and those of who know this need to take every opportunity you have to share it with others.    100_17362

Well that was a tangent–back to the month of  March.  Uhh–covered talent, covered the birthday–Uh–we’re going on a field trip Tuesday–school’s going well.  We’ll wrap it up in a few weeks and you won’t hear me complain about that!  I thought I had William convinced we need another dog, found a labradoodle breeder with a stimulus package going–but it really isn’t realistic so I let that one go.  I guess I’m rambling now–I’ll just post some pictures and get out of ya’lls way–that’s what you all really want anyway isn’t it?  I know this one is blurry–but I wasn’t in charge of the camera so….100_1774


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