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Two words…Beach Body!!

Already almost a whole month of the new year is gone.  It’s not even “new” anymore.  How have those “resolutions” come along for you all?  Being faithful to the new diet plan and exercise regimen?  Have you quit smoking or at least cut back?  Have you stuck to your Bible study, turned off the TV, tightened the budget, and gone to bed early?  Good for you if you said with great energy, “YES!!  I HAVE!!”  Try again tomorrow if your answer was, “Well, see, what had happened was….”

That’s the nature of new year’s resolutions right?  I have to say I consider it one of the greatest cultural crocks we give in to.  (I know that’s not grammatically correct but I do try to appeal to the masses lol) If you have to wait until a whole new year begins to make some kind of important change then it’s likely you won’t really make the change when that year begins.  People who want to do new things or reach new goals don’t WAIT!!  They get off their butts and DO IT!!  It’ s like waiting for Monday to start a diet, or waiting until you “have it together” to accept Christ.  (That’s a stretchy comparison I know)  But I’m saying, if you wait for the right time to do something, you will waste a lot of usable time in the process.

So what kind of commitments did I make for 2011 you ask?  Well, you know me too well if you said it was fitness related.  Now I do not have a” lose this many pounds, be this certain size” sort of goal.  Mine is just to stay IN IT!!  Just keep going at it daily to get into the best shape of my life.  Get stronger, leaner, faster, have more endurance, and feel everyday like I know I’m doing ALL  I can to make it happen.  So for me, it’s not a 2011 thing.  It’s a “rest of my life for as long as I’m able never gonna quit” kind of thing.  To that end, I’ve gone into the fitness biz!!  Now most of you know I am now a fitness instructor.  That sounds good, huh?  I’ll say it again.  I am a fitness instructor.  That probably brings up some glorified images of six-pack abs and bulging biceps.  Yeah, I’m not THAT fitness instructor.  YET!!  But the goal is to become that fitness instructor.  And so my newest program is …..RevAbs with Brett Hoebel.

I am only three days in and here I was thinking, “Oh yeah, I’m fit, I’m strong.  I’m goin’ straight to Phase TWO baby!! I don’t need to build a fitness foundation.  I HAVE a fitness foundation!!” POP!! There went my bubble.

He is kicking my butt!!  I am sore in places I have not been sore in a long time–and I LOVE IT!!  This pain makes me think–RESULTS!! They’re coming, they’re coming!!  Stick with it!!  Added to the workout I am also partaking of the famous Beachbody Shakeology.  Can I just say–YUMMO!!  Now I tried it over the summer when a coach sent me some samples and it was OK–but I thought I’ve got this plateau in place for like a year now, I gotta do something…so I went for it and am now hooked.  When properly prepared this stuff is GOOOOOOD!!!  And I can really feel the effects like, less hunger and cravings, NO bloating, better regularity, and ENERGY through the roof!  Wanna feel the same way?  I can help you with that too!

I mentioned earlier that I am now in the fitness biz.  You know all those infomercials you see–P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, Slim in 6, Body Gospel to name a few–you can buy them from ME!!  And why would I be selling these items???  Because I’ve tried most of them and they have CHANGED MY LIFE!!  Need I remind you, I am a fitness instructor.  Now how did that happen?? Two Words.. TURBO JAM, and two more… CHALENE JOHNSON!!  Had it never been for that workout I don’t know what I would be doing, but it wouldn’t be teaching fitness classes.  It would probably be more along the lines of perfecting my after-dinner belly rub or making my next excuse for my weight, because…well Avery turns 8 in a couple of months and the “had a baby” excuse does not fly anymore.

So what’s up for me in 2011?? Big stuff people.  Getting fit, helping others get fit, doing my part to overcome the obesity epidemic in America.  Feeling awesome–and this year REALLY–the Memorial Day bikini is a DEFINITE!!  Watch me!!



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Ode to Doritos

Not too long ago I had a conversation with a good friend that included  a sort of question and answer session about food.  I’ve kind of become that person around here that people sometimes come to with questions about what to eat and what not to eat.  Most people stop asking when they realize that I’m only going to confirm what they already know.  If you’re living off of drive-thru fare and soda, you don’t need me to tell you what to do to lose weight or get healthy.  You could even spend money every month on a gym membership or whatever, but we all know, even with exercise, you cannot out-train a bad diet.  That’s the obvious stuff.  The less obvious stuff is when someone–like me for instance–is doing all they can, eating what they think is healthy food, working out, counting calories, carbs, fat grams, points, whatever… and they still can’t lose.  Then, you’re probably a victim of the diet industry and the lies they tell you to get rich, or… you’re not being honest with yourself about what you’re really putting in your mouth, and therefore your body.  I am an example of someone who really, really tried to do it by the good ol’ “calories in, calories out” philosophy, complete with bodybugg monitoring and all.  I believe that the flaw was not in the calorie quantity, but calorie quality.  Just staying at or below a certain number of calories is not necessarily fueling your body.  Anyways–that’s another post for another time–back to this convo with my friend….  Well, this friend began to list to me the “reasons” (ie..excuses) regarding their eating habits and choices.  Excuses, excuses, I will be the first to tell you that I have made my share of them.  Weight loss, diet, exercise, it comes down to one thing…commitment.  (But even that is for a separate post)

My focus today is something we can all relate to, no problem, and that is EMOTIONAL eating.  OMG!!  As soon as William goes through the work calendar and tells me he’s going to be gone Monday to Friday twice next month–all I can think is… DORITOS!!  My go-to comfort food, good buddy, never let me down friend in good times and bad.  Me and Doritos (sigh),  we go way back.

So there are at least a hundred emotions that make us resort to taking comfort in a big bag of deep-fried potato, corn or some form of sweetened batter.  Like…anger, sadness, loneliness, embarrassment, jealousy, joy, boredom, worry, resentment, grief, self-pity, self-celebration, anxiety, fear, and so on and so on.  It happens so fast for me I don’t even have time to register the actual emotion. I was just sitting there and then all of a sudden I had a bag of Doritos in my hand and then all of a sudden it was empty.  So how do we combat this demon and exorcise it once and for all?  Could it be?  Do I have the answer to the age-old emotional eating dilemma?  Of course not people, who am I?  But I do have some experience in this particular realm and so I can tell you what works for me when I feel it coming.  And yes, it may happen fast, but I know it’s coming every time.

SO… to begin with–SLOW DOWN!  WAIT!!  Take a moment to identify the emotion in question and then… just FEEL it. So you’re sad, well BE sad for a minute then.  I mean, sad stuff happens in life.  My friend was dealing with grief, or NOT dealing with grief, and so instead my friend was eating the grief.  Losing someone you love is unbearable sometimes, and it comes in waves, those flashes of memory that take your breath, making you smile and cry all at once.  I think when it comes to grief the best way to deal with it is to REMEMBER.  Don’t push all your memories away in a box like this loved one never existed.  Talk to the person, get up and say, “Hey Ma, I know you’re up there.  Guess what I’ve got going on today? You won’t believe this…”  Tell your kids a story about the person you lost.  Light a candle for em, just seriously, I’m not trying to be cliche, but really, keep them alive in your heart.  And always, always ask the question about any emotion, “Will the food change the situation?” Will the Big Mac bring back my brother, friend, or even my pet?  (Yes people, that can be some serious stuff!)  Will the dozen doughnuts put more money in the bank?  Will the fries and milkshake cure my friend of cancer?  Will the whole cake make my birthday any more special than it is right now?  The answer is always, definitively, and undoubtably NO!  All it changes is how you feel about yourself in 20 minutes.  So again, just FEEL what you’re feeling for a moment.  But then–Get Over It!  I know I know, so easy to say so hard to accomplish…anyways…

Next… I MOVE. I get out of the house and therefore the kitchen, I take my dogs for a walk, get some air, and just keep moving.  Eventually the desire to totally binge eases up and now I think I’ll only eat half the bag of Doritos.  So I keep walking and breathing until I feel that I can look at that bag and tell it…that I don’t need it after all.  You don’t have dogs or a place to walk in those moments you say?  Well, DANCE–#1 cure for all heart-sickness in my humble opinion.  Why not just go do a couple flights of stairs in your building?  Or if you’re working, just work HARDER for a little while.  Again, I don’t have the solution, just my own tactics to offer you.  But your body follows your mind I think so just do something with your body so your mind forgets the foot-long sub in the fridge.

Then… Unload.  Talk someone’s head off!  Surely someone will listen.  If not…journal, blog, put in on facebook, whatever.  Get those emotions OUT–Dump em on someone else!  Not so they can get all depressed or whatever, but chances are if they’re a real friend, they’ll encourage you, uplift you, make you laugh, or give a good ole serving of tough love to help you get it together.  But that’s what we’re here for…to share each other’s lives, good and bad, and help each other out.  You know the famous words, “Keep smilin’, keep shinin’, knowin’ you can always count on me…for sure..that’s what friends are for”

So that’s what I do when I feel an emotional binge coming on.  I apologize to you now if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of my “unloading,” but I also thank you thank you thank you for being a friend and giving me a chance to let it out.  I do battle with food every day.  I know my enemies and they sometimes get me down and wounded, but I am committed to this fight and I will prevail!!  Doritos, you have not seen the last of me yet!!!

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Okay–so in case you didn’t know–I CAN NOT WAIT!!!  Turbo Kick training is TOMORROW and I have not been this excited about something in… I don’t know how long.  I’m all set up to start teaching at the Y here in November so I am PUMPED!!  Hopefully I don’t suck at it–but either way–I’m just PSYCHED to get to do something I love and share the benefits with others.  My intention is to get certified later to teach PiYo-another Powder Blue format.  Just so you know– I love Chalene Johnson and all things Turbo–Here’s why!

Who could resist it?? SO MUCH FUN! Join me at the Y in November!!

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Let’s get Extreme, Baby!

So… I got the new Chalean Extreme Workout system, the latest from fitness professional Chalene Johnson, creator of the famous Turbo Jam.  Can you say, “Crucial?”  This workout is really intense weights, lifting slow and heavy, building muscle so that you can burn fat.  The diet is a pretty basic high protein, low carb and fats approach–not anything too hard to understand or follow since it’s the age-old theory, eat less, exercise more–but with an emphasis not on eating less food, just less of the stuff we all already know is no good anyway.  More exercise in the sense of more efficient, meaningful movement–it’s really more like athletic training than it is like a fun dancey workout.  So… I expect results.  I would post my Day 1 pics and let ya’ll witness my 30, 60, and 90 day results–but–they’re a little–well–they’re humiliating so we won’t go there.  When the results are in it may be a little easier to flashback, but right now…we’ll just move on from here.  You may be wondering if I can stick it out considering how short-lived my most recent diet attempt lasted–this is the real deal and to show you how serious I am, I’ll share my goals with you.

Goal 1:  March 27th, this is Sugar Cookie’s 6th birthday–originally my hope was to be at 140 pounds, but I’m not going to put a weight goal since the weights and all  may have me gaining–right now I’m at 28.2% body fat, I would like to see a decrease there more so than in my weight

Goal 2: May 25th–Memorial Day -The official beginning of boat season–I expect my husband to be more thrilled with the way I look in a black two piece than he is with his sundeck on the water!  Which, by the way–is not going to be easy.

Goal 3:  June 19th: 130 pounds–this is the goal set for me at  Sparkpeople–again–I’m not too concerned with a number on the scale–I’d just like to look better and be fitter, no matter how much that actually weighs–upon meeting this goal, I get a pair of Nike Shox

Goal 4:  July 17th:  This will mark my one year of really focused trying to work out and eat right–Last year on this date I began Nutri System–which was a good program if you could A) Afford it and B) Stomach the highly processed food

Goal 5:  September 4:  I turn 32 this year–I do not want to be embarrassed or uncomfortable in my own skin anymore–for our 11th anniversary I want to look great and prove that Stay at Home moms do not have to be frumpy women hiding in sweats anymore!

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Day Three–Strike One

Today’s menu included the daily 1/2 orange with your choice of yogurt, cottage cheese, or boiled eggs.  I opted for the yogurt today and held strong through the lunch of a slice of toast, 1 tablespoon of fat free cheese, and tomato. I wasn’t sure about the tomato–I tried a fresh one but would you really call it “fresh” in January in the South?  So then I warmed  a can of stewed tomatoes and had those.  All was well until about 4:00 where I began to think, “If I don’t get something crunchy, salty, semi-sweet soon, I’ll go crazy!!”  Enter–pretzels..and off the wagon I go.  Well–I didn’t allow myself to go too crazy, UNTIL… I was making the kids a pizza from a kit–the smell of the dough was truly calling my name…I know–excuses, the end I nibbled here and there on their pizza–which wasn’t even worth it cuz it had no taste–poor things–the mess I feed them on Wednesday nights just shouldn’t even be allowed.  Needless to say, I am picking myself back up again and climbing back onto the wagon–tomorrow I am putting post-its all over the kitchen:  Warning: BLTS aren’t free!  bites, licks, and tastes so add up!  I may even invest in locks!!  So–you all are my new accountability–10 pounds by March 27th or bust!!

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D-Day: Diet, Day 2

I was able to stick to today’s menu of an orange with 2 boiled eggs, boiled chicken for  lunch, and a salad with 2 more boiled eggs, another orange, and this time–as a treat– a piece of toast.  Never had a better piece of toast I swear!

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