My Take on the Universe

I looked at my blog title just now and thought I’d better take a moment to offer some really introspective assessment of the world as we know it.  Truth is…the world is as it has always been.  William and I have this little joke about how we’re closer now than we’ve ever been to the return of our Lord…we’re closer now….aaaaaaand, closer now aaaaaand even closer riiight NOW!. Certainly we’re not mocking the rapture, which we know to be true and coming–it’s just that Christians so often get dismayed with the state of the universe and “read the signs” to mean the day draws nigh.  ABSOLUTELY, Jesus will return, but even HE doesn’t know when that will be.   Rather than take His advice however about not being concerned with dates and times, every generation looks around at the state of this country and declares that the sky is falling.  Now mind you, I am no Bible scholar or prophet–all I mean is— we’re all getting older and young people with their piercings and tattoos are scary.  Technology is confusing and therefore from the devil.  Music is loud, skirts are short, sex sells shampoo, and people have lost their minds.  It is all true–even as I type this, I’m wondering what point I was intent on making.  Was I saying things are the same, or that they’re very different?

My guess is that the Pilgrims freaked out when people started to wear blue instead of grey.  The Victorians freaked when women wore one less lacing in their corsets, parents flipped about hippies and motorcycles and integration, and dancing.  So my point is that from the beginning of time we’ve been drawing nearer to the end of times.  Though things do seem grim now and the news of tragic shootings and mindless acts of violence travels fast, we are in a perfect position to reclaim our families and values and especially our faith.  The same fearful technology that has made us more aware of the world around us is equally available as a tool for the spread of the Gospel.   The church experienced the great Reformation, it is time for us to  launch a great Reclamation–even if I did just make up a word.  No, I think that’s a word.

Anyways–that’s my take on the universe–though probably no one will ever read it and certainly no one will ever care about it.  Next time I’ll just stick with the kids’ latest ventures and post a few pictures.


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