Eyeballin’ It

I am a decent cook. Even now as I’m testing new, healthier recipes and making all kinds of substitutions – like quinoa for rice or sweet potatoes for fries, the family doesn’t complain about the changes in the kitchen.  One thing though- I’m not one for measurements- so I never really make the same thing twice.  Or, actually, I make the same things over and over they just never look or taste the same.  I eyeball the spices, veggies, serving sizes, liquids, everything- I’m just not big on getting out all those cups and spoons to make sure I get it right every time. I mean, if you’re mashing potatoes,  or creaming them as they say here in the south, what difference does it make how much milk, butter, salt, and pepper you add? You can’t mess it up or go wrong. Same for chili beans, spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, etc- you just can’t do “but so much harm” by not measuring. So that’s generally how I go about cooking- and life in general.

This has been a pretty major deterrent in my fat loss efforts. Over the last couple of years I have become fitter and healthier and more aware of my choices and decisions when it comes to food and exercise. But somewhere along the way, the scale stopped moving and the changes screeched to a complete stop.  I have been learning to live with and accept, and even embrace the “non-scale” victories. Like, clothes fit looser, I can lift heavier, run faster and further. These are awesome accomplishments. I actually have gone down in clothes sizes on top and bottom significantly- the problem is I don’t really LOOK much better. That jelly belly is still holding on being just as stubborn as everyone says it is. So in order to get the fat loss machine back in operation, I need some measurable information so that I can track it. I have to find new ways to assess my success. And I believe this means- I must learn to measure.  Measure my food, my portions, my macronutrients, my food timing. I must keep track of and record my workouts, reps, weights, times, supplements, water intake. And- I must take my body measurements. Everything from the neck girth to the back of the arm to the waist- even the calves. I have a program that informs me that to properly assess my body composition changes, I must measure it all. Which will involve me and a partner actually looking at my whole body. Yikes! So there’s more to accurate measurements then just pinching my fat all over?? Cuz, I mean, I also assess my body by checking out the curves of my shadow. Does that count? Apparently not.

So- I’ve enlisted the hubby to be my Monday morning measurement tracker. What fun that will be! That should be a humiliating motivating way to get going every week, right? I will be sure to report and let you know of my progress. Since, you know, Memorial Day is upon us.


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