With a little bit a’ basketball, a whole lotta madness!!  As usual life is hectic, but oh so good!  The kids keep us busy, still playing hard on Saturday mornings.  The dogs keep us busy.  Work keeps us busy. School keeps us busy.  Band keeps us busy.  Church does too.  But I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything! It does feel sometimes like we’re trying to catch up with ourselves and never quite getting there, but at the end of the day it’s a good exhaustion knowing that everyone’s needs and talents are being met and fed.  Speaking of talent, that’s coming up again and we are in the midst of the ever-stressful SONG SELECTION!!  Itunes gets so rich off of me at this time of year.  Not that Apple doesn’t already thank us and our iphone, ipod, ipad using selves.  I’m just waiting for this stupid computer to just DIE to I can go Mac!

And wanted to share with you my latest quest and conquer–HIP HOP HUSTLE!!! Now this is a mess because I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT a DANCER!! I mean–I could pick up our little cheerleading choreography back in the day but this–this is different.  BUT–this is FUN!!  So I’m adding it to my repertoire of classes at the Y and am SUPER excited, but also very nervous!  Thankfully I do have some Hip Hop Homies who have been my guinea pigs so it’ll get there!  Here’s a glimpse of what it COULD look like, but not necessarily if I’m teaching it lol!


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One response to “March MADNESS!!

  1. Kristen

    It’s about time!!! For someone who claims they can’t dance, you sure do bring it in Turbo and from what I’ve seen in Hip Hop. You’ll be a GREAT teacher in Hip Hop-just as you already are in Turbo! Thanks for helping me (and others) with “our fitness”:)

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