Tis the Season to be…Busy, Frazzled, Frustrated, and Oh Yeah…Merry

I know, I know–you’ve all been checking and re-checking the blog, pacing the floors, waiting for the email that says Finally!!  I’ve Updated!!  Well–at long last here I am to wish you a Merry, Merry CHRISTmas and wish you well in the new year.

Maybe you’ve wondered for the last month what I’ve been up to, what could possibly keep me from the delightful pastime of blogging away–well, it’s been a little bit of everything actually.  First, there are of course, the three kids I have.  I know many people have many more kids than that but for me, it takes all I have to remember their names so we’re good with just the 3 thank you.  Also there’s the endless task of homeschooling, which is a privilege that I am thankful for but do not always love–sorry to disappoint those with visions of picnics in the meadows.  Then, shopping.  I cannot believe there was ever a time in life when this was an enjoyable process.  I’m at the point where I just don’t care, throw it in the basket–whatever!!  Just let me get out of here without being arrested for either child abuse or neglect–KIDDING!!!  Relax, people, but really–this has NOT been fun.  Decorating, baking, wrapping gifts, teaching Turbo, band concert, youth group, Kids’ Church, play rehearsal, RE-decorating when the tree fell, you know how it is.  If not, check out the pics.

Honestly though, in the midst of it all, I have truly reflected on the reason for the season.  Praise the Lord that He would come to this fallen world and live as a lowly man, just to give His life that we might know Him as Savior.  Praise His name, He is WORTHY!!  Be blessed this Christmas and always knowing He loves you and is at work in you.   Do you know the REASON for the SEASON??




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7 responses to “Tis the Season to be…Busy, Frazzled, Frustrated, and Oh Yeah…Merry

  1. Alyssa

    How did your tree fall??

  2. Jord

    Hey ma! I can’t believe u put that pic on here! Lol

  3. Kristen

    Oh my…..I would have probably just thrown the tree out the door!!!! Love, Love, Love the pic of Jordan showing her true colors-lol-and the dogs looked very cool and calm in their Christmas pic . Hope you all have a truely BLESSED NEW YEAR!

  4. Hi Miss Jonelle!!! It’s Carly!! I miss you alot!!!


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