Hump Day Happenings in the Hobgood Household

Nothing like a title that exemplifies alliteration…

So it’s “Hump-Day,” which really came fast.  Many friends are beginning their countdown to New York City–a trip that yes–I was supposed to go on–but backed out on last minute.  Why? you ask, well… it had something to do with money, the cost of the trip itself was a bargain but what about all that stuff I was gonna want and couldn’t afford?  It also had a little something to do with the combination of bedbugs and subways.  These two things should never be experienced on one trip, right?  And of course they will not be an issue, but for me in my overblown imagination, the thoughts of both were enough for me to inquire about getting out of the trip–then before I knew it–my seat was sold and my money was back in hand.  Soo–PiYo training here I come!  As you know, I completed my Turbo Kick certification in September, so in December I will complete training to teach PiYo, a Yoga-Pilates fusion for hyper people.  Sort of like, you do the stuff and get the physical benefits, but skip the whole mind-body fung-shui, zen stuff.

Anyways, this post is entitled “Hump Day Happenings” so here’s what’s up for the day…

1. School–finishing up WWII study with The Diary of Anne Frank and Into the Arms of Strangers

2.  Bake and Ice 52 cupcakes

3. Workout–tried a new TK round but gosh–had NO energy to make it worth it– SO sore from Turbulence Training

4.  Dentist–Jalen had a cleaning and all is well–but looks like we’ll have to, in the good dentist’s words, “get him to ortho early”-YAY!

5.  Finish Social Studies Project–OMG!!  This has been hanging over my head for a month–I mean–Didn’t I get through 5th grade once before?

6.  Church–almost skipped because of the weather–I mean severe thunderstorm warnings and tornadoes are no big deal right?  But William says I’m being dramatic so off we go…

Gosh my energy is so non-existent this week.  Maybe because I started a new workout program and I’m really sore–or maybe because I lost focus completely yesterday and ate a whole bag of cheese balls.  But I just can’t seem to get motivated today.  I guess I’m just stuck on the Hump.



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One response to “Hump Day Happenings in the Hobgood Household

  1. Kristen

    We will miss you in NY and we’ll definetly bring back some bed bugs just for you…just kidding!

    THANKS again soooo much for baking 52 cupcakes so I didn’t have to get all STRESSED OUT about it….even though I had to bring them ALL home with me (and you had to leave out under tornado warnings). They were delicious…gotta do lots of extra hrs on my eliptical this week b/c of them!!!!

    Congrats on all of your TURBO accomplishments:) Can I pay you to personally train me 4 days a week?

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