Wow– I told everyone to stay tuned for summer fun and then didn’t follow through–neither with summer fun nor with regular updates.  This summer has been pretty uneventful–and it’s flying by anyways so I guess if we’re gonna have some fun we better start soon.  Let me think… we did have some good days on the lake but then the boat had to get some work done and we missed a month of beautiful weather and perfect days for swimming and splashing.  Oh–one awesome thing was Grandma’s visit.  We have missed her so much and really soaked up the week and a half we had with her.  She brought lots of gifts and trinkets from Japan and of course, Guam.  I’ll post some pics of the cutest coconut piggy banks!

Camp Dayspring was a blast–and a blur.  William came along for Jr week-which was Jordan’s and Jalen’s week–and I think now he really gets why the kids get so excited every year.  They really put a great camp together for the kids and give them a well-balanced combination of spiritual and physical activities.  Kudos to Camp Dayspring.  Now Avery’s week on the other hand–man–going as camp counselor is a whole different trip.  We didn’t stay the whole time but when it was time to go–it was time to go.  She cried more those three days than she has in the last year!  It was good to get home and restore the world to order.

We’re doing the year-round school thing so really we’ve just been plugging away.  Some people give me the “look” when I mention this–as though I’m some cruel villainous mother who denies her children even the simplest pleasures of summer vacation.  Not only do I relegate them to a life of homeschooling but alas, I do it in the summer as well!!  But really–what are the options? I cannot bear the thought of 3 bored and aimless kids sitting around all day doing a bunch of nothing-like watching TV or worse yet–playing video games–the devil’s spawn!  I cannot begin to think of the time we would waste come fall reviewing and re-capturing concepts that they had down-pat in May.  We’re not losing the summer people–we’re gaining the fall.  If not for school during the summer we’d spend weeks re-teaching how to head your paper and spell your name or whatnot.  Now mind you, we’ll still go on vacation if the opportunity arises.  They still get to splash around and get all toasty brown and all.  School in the summer is not punishment–it’s damage control, inventory, and high-efficiency all in one.

I am right now in the throes of trying to put together a last-minute trip–I’m talkin like–let’s leave Sunday–and cannot decide based on all the factors whether to do the beach or the mountains.  For years I’ve had those kumbaya visions of making smores and wienies over the campfire, frolicking in the stream and hiking the trails with these big smiles on our faces.  I’ve thought of developing this great appreciation of nature while we refer to field guide and identify birds and flowers.  Then a big “YEAH RIGHT!” hits me and I come back to reality and think–they’ll probably argue the whole time and whine about boredom and make me think, “we coulda done this at the house.” So maybe we should just stick  to the beach where they can wear themselves out completely in the sun–I don’t know–help me figure it out.








What to do? What to do?  I gotta decide soon, on my own, keeping in mind everyone’s preferences and of course, the BUDGET!! HELP!


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