So Much I Didn’t Tell

Things I forgot to mention last post, but you probably figured out or heard

1.  We got another dog–Meet BookerHe was pretty scrawny at first but he’s come a long way and looks 100% better now!  He and Millie are getting along all right for the most part.

Here’s Millie trying to figure out if she likes him or not.

2.  Jordan won 1st place at
Talent Quest 2010 for Saxophone and Creative Writing-Nonfiction.

Should I have mentioned that before I mentioned the dog?

3.  We grew butterflies to finish the school year.  The kids had really great school years.  Blew their end-of-year tests right outta the water!  Super Proud. but I need a break!  Camp Dayspring coming up soon and summer fun on the lake.  Stay Tuned!!


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One response to “So Much I Didn’t Tell

  1. Alyssa

    Ms. Jonelle Booker is sooooooo cute! I am ready to see him again!!!!

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