Halfway Through the Year

Can you believe it?  Another month in the year 2010 draws to a close bringing us almost to the halfway mark of the year.  Where has it gone?  It feels like I was just putting away the Christmas decorations and it’s already time to plan for next school year wherein I will have a 2nd, 5th, and 7th grader.  (Remember me in prayer)

Well–May was a busy month and my intention was to present it all to you in pictures–but–I didn’t take any!  There was so much going on I forgot all about a camera–and now–you have to read all of this instead of being able to look quickly through the photographic evidence of our lives.  Now I did get the Princess pictures up the first weekend of the month–you saw those right–they should be right underneath here.  Basically the rest of the month was just taking care of dogs.  There were birthdays, for which I made 3 cakes–I’ve discovered a yummy and much easier chocolate cake recipe–thank goodness–no buttermilk involved as I never have that on hand.  Then I made two more of the said cakes for different occasions.  One birthday was Mama’s, then the next was Ma-Ma’s (for those of you not from this side of the Mason-Dixon that is pronounced MAW-MAW with equally stressed syllables).  We gathered for a nice meal and then she returned to the nursing home and fell and broke her hip.  So she’s had a rough go of it and so has Mama (simply pronounced “Mama”).

Oh yeah, there was Mother’s Day too.  My wonderful husband got me exactly what I wanted–a gift card to a spa!!  Yay Me! (London Tipton clap)  Now begs the question, when exactly will I be able to use it???  In any case it gives me something to look forward to–nothing in the world like hot stones on your back, the fragrance of lavender, and perfect silence–aside from the sound of water trickling calmly and that totally zen music in the distant background.  Can’t Wait!!

Then we had a weekend of dogsitting–that was an experience.  Now I personally enjoyed it, and I wish I had a picture of Izzy to share with you– she’s so cute–but William was a little overwhelmed.  That’s funny–he was overwhelmed by a two-pound dog.  She was fast as lightning though and once she managed to get on the actual top of his head–he’d had all he could take!  I would totally do it again though–which is good–because for the next three days we have Buddy!  So as I sit here I have to my left on the floor, Booker the Bold One, behind me is Buddy the Shi-Poo who must have a human within reach at all times, and My Millie lays on the floor nearby–wondering when all these four-legged creatures will be returning to wherever they came from.  I don’t think she’s quite come to grips with the fact that Booker is here to stay.

So a year ago I was saying right about now that I intended to be in a bikini by Memorial Day–I mean–and actually look like I could be in a bikini.  How’s my progress in that department you may ask–well–I’m closer but still not there.  Maybe by Labor Day.  I have in the last year gotten serious about the workouts–I’ve done Chalean Extreme, Insanity, and I’m on to the P90X Doubles.  Why I don’t get the infomercial results I just don’t know–might it have something to do with those five previously mentioned cakes?  I mean–I attended the birthday parties after baking the cakes–which does not account for licking clean the spatulas of cream cheese frosting after icing those five cakes–I did say AFTER so don’t worry if you too ate the cake!  So–it’s true after all–you can’t have your cake and eat it too.


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