Sibling Rivalry

So–it’s been a while and I have sat down at this computer a million times trying to come up with something compelling and riveting to report to the world but–alas–we have been stuck in the mundane routine of school, school, more school, and a lot of running around that nobody really cares about anyway soooo…Question:  Do your kids get along?   I mean–I remember my sister and I pretty much hating each other until we were both in our twenties or so–but I did hope for something different for my own.  I thought that as Christians and homeschoolers we would foster between them the development of a real and lasting closeness and care for each other.  Instead–if I implement the, “Don’t say anything if it isn’t kind or helpful” rule–there is silence.  All they do is argue.  They really have nothing to say if they aren’t trying to prove another wrong in some way or criticize what one has done.  Is it me?  Am I setting up an argumentative atmosphere with my own attitude?  I think more often than not it really is the parents who establish these roles between kids–and I guess I’m now reaping what I have sown.  Or maybe they’re just kids?

Seriously–If I leave them alone for a moment there’s no telling what may transpire.  Example–Jordan wants Avery out of her room today.  Avery refuses to leave saying she is “hammered to the floor” and the only way she’ll get out is if Jordan drags her out–soo–Jordan proceeds to drag her out of the room.  Mind you–it is all done in a playful manner–but it’s worrisome!!  It always sounds like somewhere in the house there is a war brewing–and I think I am losing the battle.


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