Committed to the Process

Well–Insanity Month 2 has officially begun!  I’m three days in and feeling great–though I am pretty sore.  So I”ve titled this post, “Committed to the Process,” because this has been SUCH a long journey for me–this weight loss thing.  I resolved to lose 25 pounds on July 17, 2008–since then, I’ve lost about 15.  I started with Turbo Jam, graduated to Chalean Extreme, and am now in Round 2 of Shaun T’s Insanity program.  I am by far stronger than when I began and have greatly increased my cardio endurance–but my mid-section–still needs a lot of work.  My legs and back look good–but it’s the mommy pooch that just won’t budge–However, as I said before– I am “Committed to the Process.”  A few friends of mine have lost about 13 pounds each last week which I absolutely applaud.  I love to see people reach their goals.  Do I get a little frustrated that it took me two years to lose what they did in a week?  Well-yes, but again, I’m “Committed to the Process.”  I also got a peek at a lady’s very balanced approach to weight loss that took her in several months from over 200 pounds, to about 150.  I’m figuring that the diet is definitely where I need to focus because I’ve been stuck so long at the same number on the scale it is apparently going to take strict rigidity to make it move again, which is fine, because I’m what?  Say it with me, “Committed to the Process.”  So–today I got up at 5:30 to do the Max Cardio Conditioning workout which I totally rocked.  My shoulders and quads are still screaming but I love it–I really feel like this month of workouts will bring some great results–but in spite of what they may or may not be–I remain, “Committed to the Process.”

And that is not just to say I’m committed to the weight loss process.  I hereby recommit to the process of homeschooling, encouraging my children and in all ways just bettering myself in my roles as wife, mom, and ultimately, woman of God.  I’m committed to the process of allowing the Lord to break me down and build me up again by the power of His Word and with the help of His Holy Spirit.  Springtime brings about a lot of re-commitments, but as time passes our work ethic often waxes and wanes.  Eventually, you see who’s in it for the long haul, really in it to win it-no matter what it is.  And did I mention that I am, by the way– “Committed to the Process.”


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