It is so hard to feel inspired on Monday morning.  Especially when the weekend flew by and you didn’t even have a chance to enjoy it.  Thankfully, the weather is coming around.  That makes it easier–if it were raining I would definitely be burying my head in my pillow somewhere–oh yeah–that’s not an option.  I have to teach my kids, finish the laundry, go to practice, walk the dog, etc. etc.  This morning’s episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse featured things gone awry when everyone got silly and they needed brand new rules–to accomplish this they had to flip a switch and set things right again. Wouldn’t that be nice?  Things not going so well–just flip a switch.  So if I had a switch–here’s what would be put right in our house:

1.  ATTITUDES–the kids’ and mine too I’ll admit it.  Instead of whining we would look around at all we have and go about our schoolwork and housework with thankful hearts and helpful attitudes.

2.  CLUTTER–It’s everywhere–Here I am with a blog entitled “One Less Piece of Paper” sitting at a desk so covered with paper I can barely see my keyboard–Mail, newspapers, magazines, kids’ work, paper, paper, everywhere-Why is it so hard to put it in the trash or recycling bin?

3.  BUSYNESS–We would all just slow down.  Though I hate snow–when it comes around here we all shut down and have no choice but to settle in and be stuck together.  Nature forces us to stop chasing our separate interests and going in opposite directions for a little while.

4.  FINANCES– I mean–if there’s a switch for it why not, right?

5.  WEIGHT–Again–if only it were as easy as flipping a switch.


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