Intervention Necessary

I would not say that I am genetically disposed to addiction–but I will admit that I have a tendency to binge.  Not always on food–sometimes it’s coffee, sometimes it’s exercise or the purchase of all things exercise–and sometimes–online shopping.  “Hello.  My name is Jonelle, and I am a binger.”  There, it’s out there.  It must be due to some sort of hormonal release because every month I feel it in my veins.  The need to consume large amounts of something.  Last month it was carbs–I ate like 2 big bags of Doritos, and the month before it was this cherry candy I made for Christmas–and then kept making until like–I don’t know–Chinese New Year (which was last week)–well, no it didn’t last that long.  In any case I could feel it all over me today– I just had to have SOMETHING, so I proceeded to consume lots of ANYTHING in hopes that I would hit on that one thing that would satisfy.  Like any other hormonally imbalanced woman coming off of 3 weeks of Atkins Diet Induction–the sugar rush has been creeping close to diabetic coma proportions.  So–I send William to the store to buy the ingredients to make the aforementioned cherry candy–that’s how intense is this need for consumption–I am willing to make my drug of choice–and I get it all started and BAM!  He forgot the Eagle Brand Milk.  Instant and Immediate Withdrawal and Rage!!  I pick up the phone– “DID YOU FORGET THE SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK??!!”  He apologizes, says he’ll get it tomorrow, but he clearly doesn’t understand the urgency at hand–I wanted that cherry candy TONIGHT!!  Now mind you I sent him to the store for the ingredients under the pretense that I was making the candy for him since I meant to make it for Valentine’s Day and didn’t get around to it.  I’ll have to post a picture since it’s all pretty and white and pink and valentiney.  But-back to the rage–there I stood dusted with powdered sugar and no hope of candy tonight.  I proceeded to pick the sugar-coated chunks of butter out of the bowl since the first step is creaming the two together when I realize that –Hey, this is good!  And crisis averted–I did not get to make my cherry candy to binge on, I will continue that process tomorrow.  Tonight, I will settle for powdered sugar coated chunks of butter and I think I’ll use my Kohl’s coupon online.  Should someone be concerned?


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  1. wm

    anyone who reads this will be sure that you’re very unstable.

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