Just Like God

Can I just praise the Lord one time?? He is so good.  It never ceases to amaze me how truly on time He is, and how often someone has no idea that God is using them in a big way to encourage someone else.  It is just like Him to be so unexpected, yet reliable and consistent.  All I can say is that the last few weeks I have often felt at the end of my rope, that something had to give, that without some big changes I just wouldn’t be able to keep doing whatever I was doing at the time.  It is just like God to give you comfort in a time like that, and show you at the same time just how good you have it and how you should really just stop whining.  It is just like Him to be so motivational, and yet not take any mess either.

I have had the privilege over the last week of seeing His hand move in some really overwhelming situations.  A good friend returned from a mission trip to Haiti and showed us pictures of devastation and pain that I know I’ll never have to experience for myself.  She told us about how before the earthquake it was clear these people had very little, and in all their want, during worship and in prayer all they sought was more of God.  It is just like God to have the broken people minister to those who are whole.  The power of comparison is often all you need for a change of perspective.  We so quickly lose sight of what is truly valuable and at the risk of sounding cliche I will just say in the words of the world’s best mother-in-law, “If you’ve got your family and your health, you are rich.”

It is just like God to put someone in your path who speaks words of wisdom and encouragement to you when they think they’re asking for your advice.  It is just like God to put a book in your hand that confirms a decision you made when you were just about to throw in the towel.  It is just like God to send your kids in with a big hug and a “Thank you Mommy,” when all you were thinking about beforehand was getting as far away as possible since no one appreciated you anyway.  It is just like God to use His Word as a mirror held up to your face reminding  you of the plank sticking out of your eye.  Or maybe to remind you of how beautifully and wonderfully made you are.  It is just like God to say to you that in spite of the plank you have sticking out of your eye, he  loves you so because he did in fact craft you so beautifully and wonderfully.


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