I added a link to the blog on my facebook page–this means I really need to post something humorous and interesting so that everyone can be impressed with how smart and witty I am.  Problem is…I’m not that smart or witty, and there’s nothing going on all that interesting to blog about.  At this point I have no strong opinion on any matter whatsoever.  I will say that the Tim Tebow controversy was so overblown.  I mean–that ad was SOOO not offensive.  Which is a good thing, it’s just that all the hoopla about it made it seem like there would be surgical supplies or something in the ad.  As previously stated, I’m no sports fan so I missed most of the Superbowl and therefore missed the commercials as well.

The Kids–well–they’re doing well.  Busy, busy, busy–Avery starts basketball at the Y next weekend and that will have us running in a few different directions for a couple of weeks–but that mostly falls on William since he coaches both girls so I may still be able to sleep a little.  Did I mention that he is absolutely the best husband ever??  Which reminds me that I started this blog last year about this time and sent an anniversary shout-out to Mom and Pop    https://turbomama.wordpress.com/2009/02/11/ode-to-love/ who will soon be celebrating 38 years of marriage–is that right–nah–I must have that confused.  Man–time flies.

So–I’ll just close with a glimpse of  some of what’s been going on our way



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  1. Alyssa

    We had such a wonderful time Ms. Jonelle making the masks!

  2. jord

    I hated I was ‘SICK’ when it finally snowed good!

  3. jord

    yo ma the dates are sooooooooooooooo wrong on this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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