I’ll admit I am no sports fan.  It probably has something to do with the fact that my husband is the ULTIMATE sports fan and it can be a little overwhelming to plan your life around a game you don’t even want to watch.  Nonetheless, I do see sports as valuable for the life lessons they can teach.  Hard work and perseverence, mental toughness, dealing with pressure, competition, teamwork.  It’s all very real world so I get it.  No, I do not see the weekend church league basketball game as the be-all and end-all in our lives, but I’m glad my kids participate for the fun of it and I know they learn a lot from it.  I’m not one of those homeschoolers who is gonna push for the right to participate in local public school sports programs so my child can get the best of both worlds.  Maybe that’s because of where we live, but in general, I accept the fullness of our decision to homeschool in that it is up to us provide not only curriculum but also extra-curricular opportunities for our kids.  What I mean is–as we’ve come to the decision to take full responsibility for our kids’ education, I do not expect favors from the state in terms of tax breaks or invitations to participate in public school activities. Not that I wouldn’t take advantage of the opportunities if they were available, I’m just saying I don’t feel that I’m not necessarily owed any.

Now there are 25 states that allow homeschooled students to participate in interscholastic team sports in their public schools.  I’m sure many families are thankful for that opportunity.  One in particular that has made the news as an athlete in Tim Tebow, Heisman-Award winning Florida Gators quarterback.  Sure his stats are impressive for people who know about football, and yes many consider him to be the best college football player ever despite the end of his senior season.  But what I remember most about him even more are the Scripture verses on his face, the thanks he gave to God and specifically Jesus Christ after games, and the interview in which he stated without hesitation, that he was saving himself for marriage.

His latest stand for his faith comes with a Superbowl ad produced by Focus on the Family in which he states that he’s thankful his mother did not take doctors’ advice when they recommended she abort her baby.  Of course, that baby grew up to become Tim Tebow, who was homeschooled to college by his mother,  like his 4 siblings who all received college educations and scholarships.  And so.. let the controversy begin.  Well– of course it’s got many womens’ groups all in an uproar about the long and hard-fought struggle to win the right to choose and many are calling CBS a “sell-out” for airing it.  I will not get all into that, I’ll just ask, “Why is that the only people admired for standing up for what they believe in are those who oppose any conservative Christian convictions?” I mean, people like Perez Hilton get all this hype and make a ton of money by celebrity blogging and generally being rude -or Kathy Griffin, who I can’t even begin to form words about.  But as a society these are the people we have allowed to become famous for sharing their opinions, while a Tim Tebow ad advocating for the right to life causes an uproar.  We sit back when someone yells “**** Jesus!” on national television, we call for their head and dig up the dirt when someone like Carrie Prejean says she thinks marriage should be between a man and a woman.  It’s scary what this country now embraces.

Now I am not a psycho Christian radical.  Many of my beliefs may in fact, surprise people regarding homosexuality or gay marriage. Which brings me to another TV special soon to air on HBO, Rosie O’Donnell’s “A Family is a Family is a Family.” Here’s where I may surprise you.  I fully support gay adoption.  I mean, maybe not fully, fully but..  when faced with orphans who need a home, children abandoned by parents or taken from unfit homes where drugs and abuse abound, why not allow two people with the heart and the means to care for a child, to adopt?  You, and my pastor too, may just have fallen out of your chair but… I’m just sayin.  I do not support homosexuality as a lifestyle choice, I see it as a sin like all the others and I believe you choose to live that lifestyle same as one who chooses to drink, lie, and steal.  There are no laws that prohibit liars from adoption so…again, I’m just sayin.

So now I have no idea how this post went from homeschool sports, to pro-life/pro-choice, to gay adoption.  It makes me very glad I’m not God and it is not up to me to decide what to do with all the controversy and commotion.  Which could really open up a whole new debate on “God of Love” or “God of Judgment.”  So I’ll quit while I’m ahead.



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4 responses to “Controversy

  1. Wm

    ????????? your pastor and your husband. That was all over the place. WOW

  2. Wm

    also…..we will not watch anything Rosie Oidiot makes $ on at our house

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