Just for the Sake of Posting

Poor, little blog.  Just sitting there waiting for someone to notice you.

I have actually come and sat in this very spot looking at this very screen, thinking, thinking, then. . . nothing.  No one noteworthy thing to happen in our lives in the last week or so, and so… the neglected blog awaited.  So here I am, still with no newsworthy events to share, but merely to say we are all still here and sane for the time being, and to post for the sake of posting.

Oh-well there is this–a brief list of funny (to me) things my kids say sometimes:

1.  Upon removing all of the “princess” decals from her walls and replacing them with Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers posters–my six-year-old said to me, “What, Mom?  I’m not a baby anymore, I’m a Level 2 Kid.”

2.  My oldest admitted to us after receiving new bedroom furniture for Christmas that she always thought it was a “chester” drawers.

3.  Cute little house slippers= “home shoes” to some

4.  I’ll always laugh inside when reading the Christmas story, as mentally I replace Bethlehem with “Backlaham.”

5.  Goggles will always be called woggles around here, and will always bring a smile as we remember an old Asian woman in the car seat wearing green swim goggles

6.  Any quiet moment at the table is met with, “This is getting to be a quiet time around here.”

7. Any steak dinner will bring up the time a very tense silence was broken with, “Um, why is everyone so quiet and what is this black stuff all over my steak?”

Nothing hilarious of course, but in their right time and place–each one makes a fond and lasting memory


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One response to “Just for the Sake of Posting

  1. Sissy

    Sis I know it may seem as if this blog is a lonely one… NOT!! Just takes some of longer to read ur posts to include for me the more I read them all at once ( the ones I let accumalate) I just enjoy them more. I am tickled abt the things the kids say had me rolling with my crazy cough!! Lol

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