The Year in Review

2009 was good to us.  Though we shared the same burdens many Americans experienced as a result of a bad presidency economic instability, we weathered the storms of the year and emerged no worse for the wear.  Account balances are not as comfortable as we would like, but in the end what does that really matter?   Friends and acquaintances lost loved ones, some to sickness, others to unforeseeable tragedy, so again I can only be thankful as I review the year for the many memories we made and the grace that got us through the moments of uncertainty. Looking forward to 2010 I am excited to see God’s will unfold in our lives and I can only trust Him to carry us through any difficulties we may come upon.  But gosh, I sound so pessimistic.  That is definitely not the note I want to begin the new year on.  I really am looking forward to a great 2010!  But… before we get to far into it, let’s take a look at all 09 held.

January 2009-  William and I had a whirlwind trip to Mexico that was a blur but totally worth it.  Even though we had to change rooms twice, the view was beautiful in the end.

February 2009-  Man, that was a long time ago- I can’t think of anything…

March 2009–Avery turned 6

April– Busy month, I remember talent, testing, and feeling spring in the air.

May–through August–  LAKE, LAKE, LAKE!!!

September–School started, went to the beach, William and I both turned 32 and we celebrated our 11th anniversary!

October–hmmm, give me a minute, something will come to me..Oh yeah, Boo became an official US Soldier and we became a very proud family!

Then all of a sudden, it was holiday time and of course the rest is a blur.  Can you believe it was just a couple of months ago?  It seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago all at once.  But there was Thanksgiving-which of course I took no pictures of, but there was deep-fried turkey and all the fixings, so much that we decided to go another route for Christmas and did the famous “hot kind” for that.  Christmas brought our whole family together and I didn’t take any shots of  Devon or Michelle or Spike!  I did get few of our soldier home for Christmas, and then the spoils of Santa’s visit.

Oh yeah, Did I mention the snow?  It really was beautiful,and it proved an opportunity to just put the brakes on things and relax.

So.. that’s 09 in a nutshell!  We made it through and can’t complain about a thing.



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2 responses to “The Year in Review

  1. Kristen Wilson


    I love ready your blog! Once again, you are such a GREAT writer. Looking forward to a wonderful 2010…promise you won’t have to wait again this year at my office-lol!

  2. Sissy

    I’m on board sissy for 2010 and for me 2009 brought a lot of life changes that I am glad are over, and I am looking forward to moving on. Happy new year! Love u 

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