Sorry to the four or five of you who actually check to see if I’ve added anything new–I have been so busy and worn out lately.  We’re on the go all the time in spite of all of my efforts to limit our chaos.  It’s usually worth it though–like last week’s revival services at church where Rev. Mic Snyder brought a truly anointed word.  And maybe it’s worth it to take the kids from one practice to another as Jordan’s saxophone has become quite a melodious pleasantry in the house.  Jay’s guitar is right there–and their jump shots are much improved as well.  The most worth it of all though is midnight trips to Kohl’s when you’ve got a 30% coupon and the Power Hours are in effect–I mean–migraine, schmigraine–some things you gotta sacrifice for!

Another reason for the incurable fatigue is these ridiculous Insanity workouts!  Shaun T really has lost his mind for this second month’s workouts.  I mean–I never imagined there were so many different ways to do push-ups.  Push-up jacks, squat push-ups, power push-ups, moving push-ups, v push-ups, one leg v push-ups, side push-ups–I mean really–SIDE push-ups–let’s just say the program is aptly named.  Still can’t say the pounds are just falling off–I  guess I have got to just really get disciplined in the diet dept to see the results.  I mean–definitely my strength and endurance  are much improved–but I’m looking for abs here–not just a sense of accomplishment–though that really is nice I guess.  But seriously–today was day two of Max Interval Training and I feel like I’ve been a couch potato for the last year.  It takes it all to such a new intense level that it’s like day one all over again only worse.

Anyways–It is officially time to start freaking out about Christmas.  I’m  filling carts online then emptying them repeatedly–saying–“Maybe I should just go ahead and get it all done,” then saying, “Well–maybe it’d be fun to get out there and actually find these things, and maybe they’d be less.”  But– in the end I’ll stick with the usual online merchants and save myself the adrenaline rush of beating out that other mom for the last talking, pooping, crying baby on the shelf.   But wait–does that mean that in February when I trip over the long forgotten doll on the basement stairs I won’t be able to recount to myself the sacrifice I made to get the thing in the first place.  How I woke up at 3:00a.m. on Black Friday so I could be first in line and how I ended up ramming my cart into some unsuspecting frail person because I was so blinded by the bonus buy!  Oh the joy of all the unnecessary junk one ends up with as a result of Black Friday impairment.  Just a little something to look forward to.



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2 responses to “Uninspired

  1. Wm

    That’s a VERY GOOD reason NOT to go get involved in that trash

  2. Sissy

    Sis i just want to say I love u sooo much and u know u don’t have no business in kholes!!! Ur like one of those valued AT&T customers lol….. I love reading ur blog and keeping up.

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