Well–where to begin again??  October gets the award for being the most insane month for us EVER!!  WE haven’t had a travel-less weekend in the month yet–Let’s see–where have our travels taken us?  I can’t remember Oct 3rd, but the 10th was shopping–not really a venture but with a friend and her 3 kids and ours–it didn’t exactly make for a leisurely stroll through the mall.  Next weekend, went to Fayetteville to visit my sister, the next weekend had a wedding to attend in SC, then the next weekend back to Fayetteville for the final send-off as my nephew is headed even as I type this to basic training in Ft. Jackson–Hoo-Ah!

Last night was one of those fitful rests–just waking up praying for him nonstop.  I’m personally so very proud of him and really excited for him as he is truly embarking on a life-changing venture.  At this point I believe this is the best thing for him and while I’m saddened that we won’t get to see him for a while–I’m believing we’ll see some positive changes in him when next we do.  The only thing that worries me is him being able to handle the mental part of the whole process.  I know he can–but I just worry since he’s been known in the past to require some attitudinal adjustment.  That is so unlike every other 18-year-old, right?  He has caused me to reflect on how I was at that age and I’ve realized I was very much like him–just had that “I’m grown and it’s all about me” outlook in life.  I remember hurting my mom’s feeling when I’d come home from school for the weekend and pretty much use home as a drop-zone for laundry and a place to get ready to go out with my friends.  Hindsight is funny like that.  You want to remember the good ol’ times but reality shows you they weren’t always that good.  I’m not much on memories myself.  I mean–of my kids and my family yeah–but just like–childhood and all–I’m not really one to sit around and hash all that out.  Anyways–that’s  quite a digression…

The point is–my nephew has since found out that instead of Ft. Jackson he’s on his way to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma–this he found out upon arrival in SC–what a blow!  I hate it for him but I know the Lord will protect him no matter where he is–it is disappointing that we won’t be able to attend his graduation like we had planned when he was going to be here.  Here are a few pics from our last little gathering.  We’re gonna miss him so much–but are SO proud!! Say a prayer for him and all of our military.



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  1. mom

    I really love the pictures and makes me wish that I were there to share those captured moments with all of you. My grandbabies are just growing up so fast, and Reasa just seeing Jordy in those converse shoes reminds me so much of you when you were younger and you had a pink pair and a blue pair.

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