First off–let me just apologize for the sucky post last time.  It was hectic and I had a lot going through my mind but could not settle down enough to put something decent out so I guess I just threw out some mess.  Sorry, sorry to the two people who sometimes read this.  I just didn’t know if I should post about our vacation, my diet, my kids or what so I went totally random instead.  So… now for the complete vacation, diet, kids update!

VACATION– Awesome time!!  We never before stayed oceanfront at a condo-type place.  We used to rent a house a couple of blocks back so were not accustomed to the luxury of being oceanfront–and better yet–with a pool!  It could be that the kids are a little older that made it easier–but I’m convinced it was proximity so my vote for the future is to stay within sight and stone’s throw distance of the big blue sea.  Unless of course we’re staying for free and I think we have some options there so that’ll work as well.  The highlight of the week was the food.  It started out pretty bad–but by the end of the week we were eatin’ good!   First night–we had some fried seafood at a local joint that was not good. Second night we were all pumped up for a new experience at a Brazilian Steakhouse–you know where the waiters come by with big skewers of different types of grilled meats and sides.  The meat was apparently a disappointment, but I stuck with the salad bar and totally got my $20 worth there.  They lost money on me cuz I probably ate like 3 or 4 pounds of peel-and-eat shrimp not to mention the sushi I stalked and hoarded.  So for the rest of the gang–Brazilian Steakhouse at $35 a person was no good–but for me–huge buffet for $20–good deal.   So two nights in, two disappointing meals.  Next, we ordered pizza one night from a local Italian restaurant that has some of the best pizza ever–this is a newly established tradition.  Then, we headed down to Murrell’s Inlet for some fresh, local seafood that even impressed William, food critic extraordinaire.  I had shrimp and grits which is such a favorite to me because every place that serves ’em has thier own twist on ’em, so it’s like even if you always order it–you never get the same thing.  This year time we skipped the tradition of dinner at Beck’ s in Calabash with a trip to St. Nick Nack’s for a Christmas ornament which I will put somewhere ‘special’ then not remember come Christmas–and a pound of fudge from Callahan’s.  Last, we all–twelve of us I think it was–headed out for Japanese Steakhouse and sealed the  deal of who could gain 5 pounds before we went home.  I did keep up with my workouts while I was there–another perk of the place was the fitness room so I used the ellipitical or treadmill each day–but I’ll admit I got slack by Saturday morning, just not going as hard.

Which  brings us to the diet portion of the post.  I HAVE GONE INSANE!!!!   Tomorrow I will be taking the first fit test to start off Shaun T’s new Insanity Workout Program.  So excited!!  I’ve watched all the dvds and went ahead and did the Plyometric Circuit Workout and the Power Cardio and Resistance Workout–WOAH!!!   I really think that NO MATTER what you’ve been doing–this will kick your butt.  There is NO WAY that IF you STICK to the program for 60 days you won’t see a big change and improvement in your body.  I mean–seriously–I did two workouts and I really think I see a change already.  I have NEVER sweat so much in my life.  I love it!!!  And to be able to get through it and finish it–it really feels like you’ve done something.  I’ve also started trying to eat more small meals and write it all down.  I’m feeling good–like 60  days from now I will be different in more ways than just how much I weigh.  I’m feelin’ it!  I’ll have to post my fit test results so you guys can follow me–keep me kind of accountable.

KIDS–They’re good–they cause you to constantly reflect on how fast time passes–they make you look forward to the future.  They wear you out–they give you a reason to push and go on.  They’re the ultimate oxymoron.  Push and pull, hopeful, hopeless, etc etc.  There’s an older fellow at church–an old man I guess you could say–he reminds me every Sunday morning how blessed I am to have my three.  He gives them–what I always thought were half dollars–but he’s since started giving them gold dollars, but it’s so cute because he gives one for the youngest, two for the next child, three for the oldest each week.  He just delights in the kids and never fails to remind me that they are a true blessing.  This is always so timely cuz if any of you have ever gotten 3  kids ready for 8:30 service on a Sunday morning you may know that it doesn’t always look or sound like a, ahem… let’s just say some time at the altar has been spent because of the Sunday morning mayhem.  So for all the moms out there who are able to accomplish the task of getting to church without raising their voices or saying things they have to repent for-please tell me your secret.  I know you’re out there and you probably have more children than I do and fresh bread baked to boot!  But old Mr. Pilgrim, Mr. Pegram, I think his name is–he reminds me every time to really look at my kids and be thankful for their individual traits and talents.

Well–that’s all folks.  And I’m sure it was plenty.  I’ll just say this people–PRAY, PRAY, PRAY–the needs are so great, the world is so lost.


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