Back to Reality…

Well–I guess I’ve let time really get away from me again!  We’re all in denial about the real, true end of summer–I have to face the fact that we really have to bet busy at school,  William has to face the fact that long days at the lake are no more–We’re into the routine of school, church, home, lessons, etc..It is already time to get ready for…CHRISTMAS!!  Yes… I said it–and you all know it’s true.  Time to make your travel plans, menus, and shopping trips cuz it’ll be here before you know it.  Every year we say it…”This year we’re really going to focus on the real meaning of the season.”  We’re not gonna get caught up in all the hustle and bustle and stress of sticking to the pre-determined Christmas budget while giving meaningful gifts to all your loved ones plus the neighbors you moved away from 6 years ago.  Why do we do that?? But I really mean it this time–we’re really going to keep our holiday ( and I say this because I mean from Thanksgiving to Christmas) season simple and limited to only those programs that are really meaningful and affordable.  We’ll see–I mean, it’ s only October, right?

Well–the beach was fun and here are a few pics to prove it.


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  1. Kristen

    Cute beach pics!! And yes-Christmas is right around the corner…not to mention my child’s 1st b-day party. Ummmm-I am feeling STRESSED already-lol. I am definetly gonna try not let myself get all caught up in Stress, hustle, and bustle of the holidays that are ahead. We all need to reflect upon these special moments and be thankful for what we have. Love ya girl and I enjoy reading your blog*

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