Some Things I’ve Learned

Since I’ll never get to sleep tonight after a Pepsi Max, 2 cups of coffee, and too much chocolate-I figured I’d just be kinda random… so some realizations…

1.  God is good all the time

2.  I had lots of comments hiding in Spam

3.  A late night Kit-Kat seems like a good idea at the time

4.  They make undergarments for every body flaw

5.  Some things are worth waiting for and others just aren’t

6.  A good book is like a good friend

7.  Christians aren’t perfect–just saved!

8.  Kids can be very calculating

9.  Dogs make up for a lot of moments brought on by calculating kids

10.  Homeschooling is hard, but worth it

11.  Dieting is hard, but worth it

12.  Marriage can be hard, but worth it

13.  Looks like things that are worth it may be hard sometimes

14.  No one likes a Know-It-All

15.  Everyone’s a Know-It-All about something

16.  Technology is replacing relationships

17.  Dysfunctional relationships are the new normal

18.  Traditions are so exclusive

19.  Freedom of Speech only applies when people like what they hear

20.  Too much caffeine makes your thoughts get kinda cooky


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One response to “Some Things I’ve Learned

  1. jea

    i agree w/ radom thoughts and how caffine can make you just go to another place!lol

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