Finally… Pictures!

Just a few pics to go with previous posts–I told you the camera/computer gods are so touchy!

100_2204I mentioned that the big kids have taken up music lessons–God bless their teacher!  They are really catching on, though you probably never knew one verse of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or “Hot Cross Buns” could last 15 minutes,  And Woah–you don’t even want to know about the long version of “Mary had a Little Lamb!”  But I am proud of them, though if they turn out to be truly talented with it I’ll have to investigate the family tree to see where it comes from.


A warm welcome and congratulations to Gram and Papa for their new addition–Dolce/Buddy/Barney/Blarney/Ortho/Toofey!  He’s already spoiled throughout!  He’s a sweet little puppy and fast as lightning.  That was another name that deserved consideration.  Say a little prayer for Gram as she will be dogsitting Millie in a few weeks–with Millie’s lack of dog socialization and Blarney’s too–they’re a handful together to say the least.


This year’s school curriculum, “Children Around the World,” from Winterpromise requires us to have a cultural celebration each week of whichever country we studied that week.  So far, we’ve celebrated our own family traditions with our favorite meal of steak and potatoes followed by chocolate trifle for dessert.  The next week we studied the UK and made scones–which were served for tea with fresh whipped cream and fruit.

100_2274 Then came Ireland, which was complete with potato cakes, Irish Soda Bread, and an Irish Apple-Cinnamon Bake.  I don’t know–but the Irish must not like things to be especially sweet or flavorful.  The potato cakes were the best thing on the menu–they were like mashed potato patties fried in bacon grease.  Yum!  The soda bread had raisins and carraway seeds which was new for us.  I liked it, but we made too much.

Nothing compares to this week’s celebration of Switzerland cuz.. you guessed it!  CHOCOLATE!!  We had Swiss Chocolate and an assortment of cheeses.  Sorry I didn’t take pictures–I had my hands full–one with milk chocolate, the other with white chocolate. We’re off to Spain and Portugal this week and I believe we’re making flan.  This curriculum is no good for the diet!

100_2275Last but never least… Bad Dog!!  Millie helped herself to a serving of meatloaf from out of the garbage can while we were out one night last week.   She didn’t even bother to clean up the evidence!

Well–it’s Tuesday, it’s raining, and it’s really like Monday since yesterday was a holiday.  So yuck–bad combination–rain on a sort of Monday.  Well–make the most of it- hope everyone has a great day!


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One response to “Finally… Pictures!

  1. jean

    sis the pics are lovely!! i love all the things you say and do w/the fam!!! YOU ROCK, SISSY!! now millie bell’s face look nasty!! lol at least patch is sorting out her kibbles.. heehee

    i am sure you enjoyed your weekend on the boat and no one deserves a vaca better than you turbo mama.. i wove you bunches sissy!!!

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