Another month gone…

Fall is in the air and it has felt so wonderful outside all week.  These are the days you have to practically lock yourself up to accomplish anything cuz all you want to do is get out the door and enjoy the day.  I had a bunch of great pics to share but as always–the computer gods are against me and I couldn’t seem to save them just so- so I couldn’t get em on here.  Eventually though…

The recap of the month of is follows:

1-  Jordan started saxophone lessons, Jalen’s taking guitar

2-School’s back in session–I’ll refer you to previous post if you’re wondering how that’s going

3-uhh-wow–August was apparently a really boring month–but I promise it felt like it was really packed and buzzing–I guess that tells you how thrilling our lives are

4- Oh! The Never-Ending Softball Season finally ended!

Well then– if that’s not a pitiful post I don’t know what is–I really meant to get some pictures up but..check in later–William says he can figure out the camera so… til then you can just be inspired by my weight loss post- lol


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