Is Anybody Out There??

Yes–I know this blog is just one of a gazillion out there–and it’s true–I started it more as a way to get things out of my head than to have some loyal following or whatever–but if there’s anyone out there than actually looks at this–let me know what you think.  I would love to know how mcuh of anything I say resonates with others.  Like–do you homeschool too and have you ever thought the same way as me?  Or do you have some great advice or inspiration to share?  Are you on a diet or workout program that you think is worth sharing?  Do ya just think my family’s the cutest???  Whatever you’re thinking–drop me a comment so I don’t feel so lost and alone out in the mysterious blogosphere!


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One response to “Is Anybody Out There??

  1. William

    I’m out here……….My diet advice is eat less and work out more (I eat more and work out less). And yes, I think your kids are pretty cute.

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