Farewell Summer…sigh…

I know you’re thinking there’s still some summer yet but for most veteran (ooh–now that’s sumthin) homeschoolers I think the consensus is that summer is an overrated waste of instructional opportunity!  So since we made it through the birthdays and it’s August anyhow we are easing ourselves back into the school routine.  Hey–they had 7 weeks!  I’ve noticed over time that even the basics just sort of slip away if there’s too long of a break so to avoid any permanent loss of such well taught and hard fought information we are jumping into my curriculum hodge podge and tackling American History from 1823- Present with a mixture of books from WinterPromise, Veritas Press,  Sonlight, and Alpha Omega Publications.  So far we’re all enjoying it –I think.  Each week we’re supposed to have a Cultural Gathering and the first one was a family celebration that included steaks, the kids’ favorite dessert, and a game of family trivia–so there haven’t been too many complaints.

Jordan and Jalen had their birthdays and were thoroughly spoiled!  With a bunch of grandparents there’s no wonder how they ended up with more than I make in a month!  Most of it’s gone already–Jalen got his electric guitar complete with amp and a whole bunch of other stuff I wouldn’t know the first thing about.  Jordan had her first saxophone lesson so it’s been none too quiet around here–I mean beginner saxophone and guitar–visitors are welcome but consider yourself warned!

Anyways–summer’s been fun but like most good things–it must come to an end.  We do have a beach trip planned for next month so we’ve still got some fun to look forward to.  And of course the lake is a sure thing for us every weekend.  Just a couple of shots from the past weeks–I’ve got more in my camera but you know the journey from the camera to the computer can be so long!


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