Halfway There–Sad, but Exciting!

I’m a day late but I did want to shout out a Happy eleventh Birthday to my big girl–I simply cannot believe how fast the years have flown by. We’ve already had the majority of the years we’re going to have–if that makes any sense. I cannot begin to say how proud Jordan makes me. She is really a very kind person and she has grown so much spiritually that I truly feel–and not cuz she’s mine–that she’s searching out God’s will for her life and is so anxious to fulfill it. It’s amazing to me to consider what she can become–the possibilities really are endless. My prayer for her is simply that no matter how much she grows–her faith and wonder of the Lord remain simple and trusting.
Jalen’s turning 10 next week too. He has also showed so much maturity this summer. I’m telling you–God is moving in our young people. Though it’s bittersweet to come to the point where you realize your influence on your children is becoming a little more limited–I have such comfort knowing that they’re looking to Him to guide and direct them. I may sound naive– I mean–we haven’t even reached the teen years–but that’s what trusting Him is about sometimes. Sometimes faith is mistaken for ignorance or even stupidity to some–but we’ve had 11 years to train up the child in the way he/she should go–so I believe that when they are older they will not turn from it.

Friday’s Party Time–pics to follow!


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