It’s July already???


I have no clue where the month of June went!!  It was a blur of graduations and visits and VBS and going to the lake–and now–it’s July.  If this keeps up we’ll be starting school and I’ll be a week behind before we even open the first book!  To give you the Cliff notes on June–Boobee–ahem, I mean–Mario– graduated and enlisted in the army–Hooah for him!!  Mom visited for a few and then she was flying off before the jet lag wore off completely.  Jon and Kate announced their divorce–not to my surprise–but certainly to my dismay–I mean–not like I know them, but you kinda feel like you do after 4 seasons.  Then MJ dies!!!  Woah–I’m sure everyone’s Ipod is shuffling the classics and by now  we’ve all shared, and forgotten again, our MJ memories of trying to moonwalk with that shiny glove on.  The good ol’ days… sigh.

I sent the big kids off to camp yesterday and have walked around today thinking something’s not quite right.  What is it that’s different besides the obvious lack of two kids??  Oh—-it’s the quiet!  And not because they’re not here to make noise but because for once in forever– I’m not yelling at anyone!!  And yet–I miss it.  Avery thinks that since they’re gone that makes her queen for the weekend–oh wait–she always thinks that.  I’m sure the camp counselors are stepping in right where I left off–from what I understand Jalen already has a busted lip from his famous “running while looking behind me,” move–but this time with a twist–in the dark!! Resilient little things aren’t they??

I have spent the last few days trying to read the books I’m supposed to assign for Jordan this year.  I finished Julie of the Wolves, Hope was Here, Amos Fortune, free man,  Island of the Blue Dolphins, and Daily Life in a Covered Wagon. All very good–in depth reviews to follow.  I will say however that as we approach the celebration of Independence Day–reading these books has given me a new perspective on the holiday.  I have a new appreciation for the foundation of our country–yet it is still mixed with shame at some of the early American practices and even current Western mindedness.  Again–another post for another day.

In the meantime–I am going to soak up the quiet while it lasts.  By Sunday, William and I will have said, “Man, one kid is easy” like 5 million times, as well as,  “Hey, it’s cheaper too!!”  But when Sunday  comes and those two drop their bags at the door–that’s when I’ll feel like my whole self again.


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