A Look Around the House

It has been such a busy time!!  First, getting ready for VBS, and now, actually getting there every night has thrown our household into whirlwind.  Check out the various “situations” you’ll find around our house.

100_2058Our couch is turned over in the living room because…

100_2055Somehow, one of the legs has lost its little protector leveler thingy and has unbeknownst to us, gouged some terrible scratches into the hardwood!  This discovery was made when Millie, who is not allowed on the couch for the record, jumped onto it after sighting a squirrel through the window.  She managed to shift the whole couch into the table beside it, and the table into the wall. William found the scratches when he came in to set things right.  From the looks of it it’s not the first time that’s happened.  Bad Millie!

Also, we’ve joined a community farm!  It’s a great way to get fresh local produce and help sustain a local farmer.  William and Jordan have been in charge of picking–unfortunately that puts me in charge of washing and storing the veggies.  Especially since William’s attempt at that job ended up in a major plumbing repair Monday night!  After putting too much down the disposal he ended up replacing a segment of pipe in the basement!  This was one of those things you knew needed to be done but couldn’t quite get motivated to do.  Needless to say once that pipe was clogged there was no choice in the matter.  It ended up being a good thing which he handled so well!  However, that left me with the job of  finishing up the veggie preparations, which I couldn’t get to until a million other things were done.   Sooo….100_2061There they wait on the patio.

Next up–I am so excited about next school year!  Our books are coming in left and right, which is really exciting–but SO OVERWHELMING.  Still don’t quite have it all–in fact– this is just about half of it all.

100_2064This is actually a huge improvement since it has all been moved at this point to the classroom downstairs, as opposed to covering the dining room table upstairs.  Now the hard part comes, which will be organizing it, storing it, and completing it!  And oh– this year I actually have to put together my own curriculum  since I have no guide–just a bunch of good books for teaching American History 1820-Present Day.  Wish me luck with that.

And of course, what home would be complete without at least a little…..drum roll please….

100_2057LAUNDRY!!  Awaiting in some stage–whether it needs to be washed, dried, or put away, I’m sure you can all identify with this constant in life.

For the record, these pics are from yesterday and I have since managed to put up the veggies and that one basket of clothes–however, of course, laundry is already piled up and people are already complaining that their “favorite” something or other is not clean.

I’ll close with a few glimpses of what’s typical around here.

Avery Striking a Pose

Avery Striking a Pose

you may find me dozing here from about 4:15-4:30 daily.

You may find me dozing here from about 4:15-4:30 daily.

Workout time!

Workout time!


We SO need to have a yard sale!


Watch your step-we spill water daily!

Poor Millie-- her summer cut isn't exactly flattering

Poor Millie-- her summer cut isn't exactly flattering


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  1. Kristen Wilson

    I love reading this!

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