Come on Long Weekend!!

Well–we may have a few more visitors to One Less Piece of Paper as I have made a big announcement on Facebook!!  Exciting–well–more scary I guess.  This is where I share my thoughts, opinions, struggles, beliefs–and not exactly all that eloquently all the time.  But hey–it’s fun and kinda helps me unleash–I mean–unwind.  So–if you’re new to the blog–WELCOME!!  you can start your own for free at–it really is  a fun outlet.

Anyway–anyone out there ready for the long weekend??  I know I am–I will have to charge my camera to get some new pics on here–we’ll all probably be all brown and crispy looking by Monday if the weather is nice and we end up at the lake the whole time.  I won’t argue–it’s too early in the season for that.  Plus since William is dry-stacking the boat it is so much easier and more enjoyable.   We probably won’t get divorced after all-lol.

Soo–glad you’re here if you haven’t been before–I’ll come up with something clever to say another time–right now–I gotta go clean my house, cut Jalen’s hair, bathe Millie, and be ready for a field trip of sorts at noon.  It’s 9:00 now–I’m good, but I don’t know if I’m THAT good!


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