Talent Quest Wrap-up

UUUHHH!  I’m getting really ill with the photo uploads!! I’ll try to fill in the holes later.

Well–TalentQuest is moving right along–the kids had music this weekend and did well in all the categories.  There are so many–solos, duets, instrumentals–and combinations of them all that get a little confusing.  Lil  blue got an Honorable Mention for her solo, and her duet got second place.  They could’ve done a little better if they could’ve just gotten down that harmonization, but it was new to them and pretty difficult to pull off from what I understand.  The Ross Sisters took home the trophy for that one and CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!!  They did so well–in their solos, too.  I tell you what–the SHPH Choir is gonna be awesome in a few years with all this talent in the youth and children.  They split up the competition this year to save time, so performances were going on simultaneously and some people had to kind of pick and choose who they would be able to see.  So… I missed a lot of the teen talent unfortunately.  I’m just really proud of our youth and so thankful to have such a wonderful opportunity for my kids to learn about really using their talents for the Lord.

Can you believe William survived a night in a cabin on a 3 inch mattress!!  He was in the Presidential Suite at the Hilton Thursday night, and well–I guess we could call it the All-Inclusive Deluxe Cabin–you be the judge.

Deluxe Accomodations

Deluxe Accomodations

Looks like a comfortable night, huh?

ALSO–  Can I just thank my darling ten-year old daughter for having the most beautiful and considerate heart?  She left early with friends and went shopping.  She took her money and bought me a Mother’s Day gift, and was so excited to give it to me she let me have it early.  She really is such a mature and thougtful child.  I love her dearly and am beyond blessed to know her.  Anyone would be.

A Willow Tree figure, "Mother and Daughter," and bag of Paula Deen's flavored coffee--Hazelnut Rum Cake--Yum-O!

A Willow Tree figure, "Mother and Daughter," and bag of Paula Deen's flavored coffee--Hazelnut Rum Cake--Yum-O!

Here are a few other shots from the weekend.  Enjoy!

Next Weekend is Drama–I’ll have more then!!



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2 responses to “Talent Quest Wrap-up

  1. Alyssa

    terrible sleeping for sure!

  2. Alyssa

    it sure was terrible sleeping!

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