Another month has flown by!

I don’t know what I do all month that I can’t seem to keep up!  I won’t waste time with a whole lot of  thoughts and expository–I’ll just say Hey everyone—here are the pictures I haven’t been able to upload.  Oh–I’ve got a facebook now so come on over–it’ll be the same stuff there as here so that’s probably pointless but–just wanted to extend the invitation. Oh yeah–I have uncovered a conspiracy theory to beat all.  There is no Easter Bunny!  He is really a floppy-eared, hopping DEMON sent straight from the devil!!!  With his little jelly beans, and basket full of chocolate.  None other than the devil himself could’ve thought up such hatefulness!!  Who can survive it?  What diet can succeed with such things lying around–snickering at you all day, tempting you!!  Hope you all fare better than I in the face of such warfare.!!

Oh–it took about a gazillion takes to get a picture worthy of posting for my profile on FB.  Poor Cub was excited to use the camera until he realized–he was actually supposed to take off 25 pounds with the thing!!  Maybe I should’ve warned him.  Mom–I’m putting this picture on for you since you get to see the kids, but never me.  I run from the camera like the plague!

We finished up the basketball season.  It was long–but so worth it.  William is totally Coach of the Year.  He did a great job with all of his teams.  Check out Sugar Cookie’s defense–she’s got those hands up!   And is it just me or is she tall?  Lil Blue did her thing too.  I tried to catch that robot run she does, it may look like  a mess but that girl means it with all her heart.!!  Well–I guess that’s a wrap for now.  We’re off to Talent Quest so I’ll let you know how it goes soon!


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