An Honest Look

I know, I know–all I ever talk about is weight–how I’m trying to lose, how I’ve given up, the next program, the next diet–but all excuses aside I now know why I cannot seem to drop these pounds. The truth of the matter is… I eat too much. It’s pretty dern simple huh? Did I need a doctor or dietitian to come to that realization? Is it rocket science? No, I just happened to browse the daily menus of some fit and healthy people and realized that when it comes down to it–I eat too much.  I do the whole–eat every three hours thing–I eat the whole grains, the leafy greens, the lean protein–I do all of that–but my portions are way too big for someone trying to lose. I guess at my fitness level and for my body type–I’m gonna have to create a real calorie deficit to see the results. But can I just say–that’s really hard! I’m hungry–what can I do? One resource that’s a big help is, along with the other sites that have so many cool blogs and good advice–ediets, beachbody, etc. they’re all great for motivation and have a lot of features that reveal the truth behind that snack or extra helping. So I’ve finally looked the demon in the eye, I know the source of the problem, and as you all probably knew all’s me.So–after a real honest look at a day in the diet of the turbomama–the light bulb is shining brightly, and though it may have set me free–this time–the truth hurts.


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