Let’s get Extreme, Baby!

So… I got the new Chalean Extreme Workout system, the latest from fitness professional Chalene Johnson, creator of the famous Turbo Jam.  Can you say, “Crucial?”  This workout is really intense weights, lifting slow and heavy, building muscle so that you can burn fat.  The diet is a pretty basic high protein, low carb and fats approach–not anything too hard to understand or follow since it’s the age-old theory, eat less, exercise more–but with an emphasis not on eating less food, just less of the stuff we all already know is no good anyway.  More exercise in the sense of more efficient, meaningful movement–it’s really more like athletic training than it is like a fun dancey workout.  So… I expect results.  I would post my Day 1 pics and let ya’ll witness my 30, 60, and 90 day results–but–they’re a little–well–they’re humiliating so we won’t go there.  When the results are in it may be a little easier to flashback, but right now…we’ll just move on from here.  You may be wondering if I can stick it out considering how short-lived my most recent diet attempt lasted–this is the real deal and to show you how serious I am, I’ll share my goals with you.

Goal 1:  March 27th, this is Sugar Cookie’s 6th birthday–originally my hope was to be at 140 pounds, but I’m not going to put a weight goal since the weights and all  may have me gaining–right now I’m at 28.2% body fat, I would like to see a decrease there more so than in my weight

Goal 2: May 25th–Memorial Day -The official beginning of boat season–I expect my husband to be more thrilled with the way I look in a black two piece than he is with his sundeck on the water!  Which, by the way–is not going to be easy.

Goal 3:  June 19th: 130 pounds–this is the goal set for me at  Sparkpeople–again–I’m not too concerned with a number on the scale–I’d just like to look better and be fitter, no matter how much that actually weighs–upon meeting this goal, I get a pair of Nike Shox

Goal 4:  July 17th:  This will mark my one year of really focused trying to work out and eat right–Last year on this date I began Nutri System–which was a good program if you could A) Afford it and B) Stomach the highly processed food

Goal 5:  September 4:  I turn 32 this year–I do not want to be embarrassed or uncomfortable in my own skin anymore–for our 11th anniversary I want to look great and prove that Stay at Home moms do not have to be frumpy women hiding in sweats anymore!


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