Ahh, regrets…

For the first time in a long time I went to the mall!  Shocking I know!  While I was there I ran into what could’ve and should’ve been a long-time relationship, but, alas, I rejected it and now fully regret it!

Dooney and Bourke Croco Hobo

Oh–to turn back time— I made William return this bag last Christmas saying that though I loved it, it was a bit flashy and extravagant for me.  Never, ever do that ladies–if your husband thinks enough of you to lavish upon you a ridiculously overpriced handbag–TAKE IT AND SAY THANK YOU!

Fortunately, I had Sugar Cookie with me and was able to turn my mistake into a teachable moment for her.  I took her hands and held her gaze, I showed her the bag, though it was quite securely attached to the shelf, “You never, ever return a gift no matter how expensive it was.  You are worth every penny and you deserve it.  When you get older and your husband loves you and asks you what you want for your birthday or whatever, you tell him.  When he gives you exactly that gift, you give him a big kiss and thank him.  Under no circumstances do you return the gift.  Do you understand me?” I say.

She nods her head with her big five-year old eyes wide, “Yes, Mommy.  I understand.”  Chances are–with Sugar Cookie… she really does!


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One response to “Ahh, regrets…

  1. Gram

    I hate to say this BUT……..I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

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