The Annual Birthday Dilemma

The day draws nigh—Sugar Cookie’s sixth birthday.  Last year the celebration lasted the whole month of March because you’ve got to have a kids’ party, a family party, and a celebration on the actual date of birth regardless of what day of the week it may fall.  It fell right around Easter so the childrens’ party was early, which made it seem as though it wasn’t really a “birthday” party– hence the proceeding celebrations.  There was a fabulous tea party, cake and ice cream with family, a fun-filled day at the local arcade/fun place, and then more cake.  Needless to say it was all very unnecessary and a lesson was learned by all.  You’re only born once, you only need one party.  However, it is rather a lot to ask grandmas and great-grandmas to sit through the chaos of 20 kids running wild, spilling drinks and leaving ketchup fingerprints on the walls.  It’s a lot to ask of mom and dad come to think of it.

So what will it be this year?  Build-a-Bear?  Well, that’s an hour out of town and a lot to ask of parents.  Plus it’s a bit costly so you’re really limited in number.  You can have an unlimited number of people if you rent the local rec center pool–but it can be a little yucky and William tends to be too grossed out to help out.  Just host a theme party at home you say?  Again, I’ll refer you to the above comment–20 kids and ketchup fingerprints.  Girls only sleepover?  Ahem–I think I’ll pass on that too.  I wish I could be that mom who loved staying up until 4 am watching movies with 10 giggling chatterboxes–alas–I am not.  Mostly because the giggling is only in between the tears–“so and so said such and such”,”I want my mommy”, etc..  What will mother come up with this year?  Will it top last year’s array of party hats and boas, sipping from fine china with our pinkies up?

I guess we’ll go back to hot dogs and paper plates, themed of course.  Be ready with your magic eraser–there will be ketchup.



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5 responses to “The Annual Birthday Dilemma

  1. Gram


  2. jean

    hey it’s been a min since i last read your blog, sorry about that just been busy and of course it’s like 600 am now. wow! sugar cookie is turning six almost hard to believe how fast children grow up considering my eldest just turned 18!! going back to the basics with the birthday party at home huh….. i think it’s great and if you let me know ahead of time i can be there for you to assist with the many kids i just know will be there! lol.

    now the FOOD alternative to motivate cub and serve peanut butter sandwiches may be a winner-well at least we hope so. who knows the love cub has for food may turn out to be the opposite and just remain the same but i will continue to be positive ok and keep me posted. gee, i wonder where cub gets such passion abt food heehee (momma) maybe…..??????

  3. jean

    i have to say i adore valentine’s day!! maybe because i am a helpless romantic??? no i believe because i find it be a special day to show not just your partner in your relationship how much you love them but anyone else, family, friends etc.

    i realize being married and raising a family is a hard job and reminding each other sometimes about how you feel toward one another can get put on the back burner so to speak, but valentine’s day is that one time out of the year that you should make it special and remind that certain someone just how much you truly love them, what qualities they posses that keeps you in love w/that person, what joy they bring to your life, and that you took some time out just this one day to think about just that special they are to you.

    i suppose they’re others out there that may have a similar take on the V day like me, but i just love valentine’s day and all it stands for. honestly, though if you think about it everyone has a different spin on this day, and it just depends how you feel about it and wether to celebrate love on the day of the cupid. we should rejoice in love everyday and be thankful for the people that hold a piece of our heart as some never get that close.

    don’t really know if this comment meant anything to you or if it changed your mind, but it’s just how i feel about it, and plus it’s the day my first son was born and for me feb. 14th will always be special!!

  4. Alyssa

    awesome commets

  5. Alyssa

    your so awesome

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