Will Work for Food

I was recently reading on some homeschooling forums about how different families deal with their children when the kids won’t complete their school assignments.  It was really quite a trip!  Some parents suggested the basic “take away” philosophy–as in free time, TV, activities, etc.  Some got down to the core of a child–FOOD.

I think they’re on to something here.  One mother suggested that when a child doesn’t complete schoolwork successfully–that is–to their potential, not PERFECTLY–she prepares that child’s favorite meal.  When it’s time for dinner, the family sits down to enjoy it–but the “non-worker” gets a peanut butter sandwich and is off to bed immediately thereafter.  I’M LOVIN’ IT!!!! I believe this approach is genius and will soon implement it into our routine.  I have a certain child who lacks, let’s say, umm… motivation. This child however, purely rejoices over food.  Tries everything, I mean–loves to eat.

I’m sure there are many out there–those oversensitive “how does that make the child feel?” types —  whose approach is perhaps a bit more “negotiating” and tender than that of our household— who object to such an idea.  I’m sure they have a really time-consuming fun way to get their children to make better choices, and I would be glad to hear them.  But right now– I’m so prepared to go to it with my jar of Jif!


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  1. jord

    man ma, please don’t ever do that to me!really like i can’t believe you would even consider that, it is crazy

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