Weekend Wrap-Up

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday and I’m a little late with a “weekend” issue–but–it gets crazy sometimes.  Now I know the blogging pressure!! lol–I’m glad to hear you guys are checking us out so… we had a couple of relaxing days–Saturday Cub had an early–as in 8:00 AM early–ball game and my  sister came for a visit.  We had a great dinner, played the Wii, and just enjoyed our time together.  We really don’t get it that often even though we’re not all that far apart.  Life just gets crazy sometimes–I guess I already said that.   Right now we’re waiting on a few inches of snow so we can all huddle up and eat “milk sandwiches” as William says.  He’s a mess–referring to the mad dash to the grocery store before a weather emergency for milk and bread.  I think I’ll make a pot of soup instead actually.  But then again we’ll probably end up having hot chocolate or coffee all day with Little Debbie cakes–something about snow makes all normalcy just fly out of the window.  Which should indicate to you that the diet–not so good.  Due to a hormonal surge let’s just say–well.. let’s just change the subject.

Wanted to share Sugar Cookie’s science project–it’s a makeshift lapbook–we don’t get nearly as fancy as others but it’s enough to give them some hands-on stuff and also a lesson in research and gathering information.  If you click on the pics you can enlarge them to see the inside.  She narrated and I wrote- which explains why sushi is on the list of things that live in the ocean.  Also, if you’ll notice in the ” Water Cycle” segment–when the water comes from the clouds—“in these days, we call it rain.”  That’s just for any of you out there who might be from those other days.

A few pics of everyone bowling on the Wii, too–just for fun.  For future reference–always bowl with your left hand on your left hip for a strike every time–I bet you can’t guess whose style that is, right.!  Well–you know Sugar Cookie does everything with a little added flair–but it really did cure my bowling blues!  She wants to sign up to play basketball this season at the Y–can you say “hot mess?”  Little Blue will definitely continue to hold down the jumpball record–but that other one–what will she do when she realizes there aren’t any flowers to pick on the court like there were during soccer season?

The big kids did ocean projects too so I may post theirs as well.  As usual–nothing too clever or earth shattering to report–but check back in a few days–I never can tell what’ll happen next.  William said today if I had to go back to work any time soon I could look into working at the circus–3 rings would be like a vacation!


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  1. jean

    hey sis just checked out your blog and it’s almost a week since you last posted anything.. i know it’s hard being turbomom!!! the pics of us playing wii are to cute. i just wanted to say by the time you read this tomorrow it’ll be morning soooooo good morning, sis!!

    hope your day and week goes great even w/all the things i know you have to do. give cub, sugar cookie, and lady blue a big hug and kiss for me k.


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