While it lasted…(not this blog–unlike the last one)

100_1662100_1647100_1652I mean.. The Snow!  We had it for a day last week and it may be all the kids see for a while.  I didn’t realize it but it was actually Sugar Cookie’s first real experience with snow.  Needless to say the beauty queen did not fare well in it–one snow angel and she was back in the house ready for at least 3 cups of hot chocolate.  The others worked pretty hard at their respective ventures–Cub was determined to ruin Little Blue’s day by throwing  ice   snow balls–while Little Blue focused on her semi-snowman on the patio.  A good time was had by all..but I know someone who’s waiting for blue skies and sunny days spent on the lake…



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3 responses to “While it lasted…(not this blog–unlike the last one)

  1. Gram

    I loved the snowman!!!! Duke blue scarf and hat!!!! cool. I’m enjoying the
    blogs each day. Keep up the good work.

  2. jean

    to cute the kids, snow and the snowman!! i too am enjoying the whole bloging you got going on… it’s like really late and i should truly be in bed but i am so not sleepy! you are probably in dream land having visions of food bc the things you eat on your diet i know is like starving you!! ok i will stop with the jokes cause lord knows i need to be on somebody’s diet to loose some pounds, but i will keep you encouraged with the 10lb goal for march, hey maybe i can jump on the wagon too…. well maybe not exactly YOUR wagon but the baby one you know the radio flyer!! ha, ha cause my body is not ready for the big time dieting to just begin. we’ll see on that. lol!! c u tomorrow

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