Day Three–Strike One

Today’s menu included the daily 1/2 orange with your choice of yogurt, cottage cheese, or boiled eggs.  I opted for the yogurt today and held strong through the lunch of a slice of toast, 1 tablespoon of fat free cheese, and tomato. I wasn’t sure about the tomato–I tried a fresh one but would you really call it “fresh” in January in the South?  So then I warmed  a can of stewed tomatoes and had those.  All was well until about 4:00 where I began to think, “If I don’t get something crunchy, salty, semi-sweet soon, I’ll go crazy!!”  Enter–pretzels..and off the wagon I go.  Well–I didn’t allow myself to go too crazy, UNTIL… I was making the kids a pizza from a kit–the smell of the dough was truly calling my name…I know–excuses, the end I nibbled here and there on their pizza–which wasn’t even worth it cuz it had no taste–poor things–the mess I feed them on Wednesday nights just shouldn’t even be allowed.  Needless to say, I am picking myself back up again and climbing back onto the wagon–tomorrow I am putting post-its all over the kitchen:  Warning: BLTS aren’t free!  bites, licks, and tastes so add up!  I may even invest in locks!!  So–you all are my new accountability–10 pounds by March 27th or bust!!


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