Checking out the Blogosphere

So it looks like all over the world there are very clever people sharing their thoughts and advice on how to navigate this big, confusing world, and here I am… So not clever or witty or thought provoking —wondering how to get school done and keep meals healthy and when were the kids’ sheets last changed?  It has been interesting to read about what people are doing–we are all the same after all–just trying to make it through whatever we’re going through.  Thankfully today’s homeschool devotion uplifted me by encouraging me to be strengthened by the love of Jesus–so I hope He hears me calling–cuz if I’m not mistaken–I think I hear 2 out of the 3 calling me!



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2 responses to “Checking out the Blogosphere

  1. jean

    hey sissy, i checked out this whole site and i think it’s great!!! i read the first blog (i suppose that’s what it’s called) and i just almost fell apart and laughing at the same time. you know i am not even sure if i am doing this right…. am i?? i just want to comment on the “turbomama” i realize that there is a whole world of mama’s that do all the things that you do, but i most proud and blessed to have a “turbomama” as my sissy
    when i think of how unselfish you and william are and the girls for raising my son and showing him what it is to be apart of a wonderful family, God will only be the one to tell you how i feel and how thankful i am for you…. so to all the turbomama’s out there keep your head’s up and to my sissy you are my angel!!

  2. mom

    Hi Reasa:

    Well I think this whole blog thing is awesome and I love the fact that I can actually stay in tune with what your day has been like. I notice you have not had any recent events posted and I must admit I am looking forward to hearing more about what “turbomama” has been up to and how her day went. You do sound like your doing quite well with the dieting, keep strong with it and I’m quite sure the results will speak for itself. I hope to read about more ventures in the events of your day so keep us posted.

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